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1934Re: [solectria_ev] battery chargers and dc dc converters

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  • gjc0@aol.com
    Apr 5, 2006

      I own a Solectria Force which I bought and repaired. I, myself, have not done a conversion, but as an electrical engineer, have some ideas on the process.

      For my lights, horn, radio etc is it advisable to
      a) use a dc-dc converter, possibly topping up a battery. (Most use DC-DC converters)
      b) use a battery, no converter. (Works well, but adds weight and another charger)
      c) use a battery in parallel with one of the main propulsion
      batteries. (NO! This will adversly affect battery string equalization)

      For charging the main propulsion batteries does anyone have
      recommendations for chargers? My storage is either Li ion or NiMh.
      Is a homebrew charger a bad idea?
      My car uses a Zivan NG3. It runs and 240 volts, is configured to charge my 12 gel cells.
      It works well. Unless you a talented in kilowatt switching power supply design AND embedded micro processors. DO NOT use a home brew charger. Battery life is greatly affected by charging and discharging. Flooded lead acid batteries are the most forgiving, but the exotic batteries, starting with gel cells require better charging systems.

      I have been offered:
      $350 for a Solectria DC750 dc-dc converter (200-400VDC to 12VDC)
      (A good price if it works. Check the web suppliers like electroautomotive for comparisons)
      $200 for Zivan NG3 F7YBSO 288VDC charger (made for lead acid, 9A
      288V max) A good price if it works. Check what type and voltage batteries it is programmed for. Is is 120V or 240 Volt? I am looking to buy a 120 volt and get it reprogrammed for my car. Let me know, if you do not plan to buy it. I might.

      Gary Carlson

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