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1933battery chargers and dc dc converters

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  • Jeremy Rutman
    Apr 5, 2006
      I am planning an EV conversion now and have some questions:

      For my lights, horn, radio etc is it advisable to
      a) use a dc-dc converter, possibly topping up a battery
      b) use a battery, no converter
      c) use a battery in parallel with one of the main propulsion

      For charging the main propulsion batteries does anyone have
      recommendations for chargers? My storage is either Li ion or NiMh.
      Is a homebrew charger a bad idea?

      I have been offered:
      $350 for a Solectria DC750 dc-dc converter (200-400VDC to 12VDC)
      $200 for Zivan NG3 F7YBSO 288VDC charger (made for lead acid, 9A
      288V max)

      Good prices? Bad?
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