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1907Current measurements

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  • Ken Olum
    Mar 1, 2006
      I measured the charging and driving current on my Force. My
      Solectria BC3300 (Brusa NLG-412B) charger operates as follows:

      Input from wall Output to batteries Efficiency
      114V 8.3A (940W) 170V 4.4A (750W) 80%
      235V 14.5A (3.4kW) 177V 17.5A (3.1kW) 91%

      All these are for a pack of 13 Deka Dominator 8G27's, state of charge
      about 50%, temperature about 65F, and the heaters disconnected.

      Thus this charger, as advertised, runs at about one-quarter the rate
      from 115V as it does from 230V, and it is significantly less

      I also measured driving current (from the batteries into the
      controller). I have the Brusa AMC325 controller. The mode switch
      seems to limit to 50A (economy), 100A (normal) and 150A (power)
      nominal. Actual measured numbers were 49, 95, and 160.

      I was unable to get more than about 65A regen current with state of
      charge about 50%. I was expecting something more like the 150A
      maximum drive current.