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1879Re: [solectria_ev] Lead Free Solder

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  • Rex Allison
    Feb 3, 2006
      The company I work at is going through the process of
      RoHS compliance. I think it is a good idea (although
      how do you make a RoHS compliant Lead Acid battery???)
      but the preliminary results we have from our first
      assembled boards is that the solder doesn't flow very
      well. Also one of the technicians has been testing the
      solder and flux and it isn't easy to work with. This
      could be based on our lack of experience.
      My undersanding is that the boards have to be gold
      plated and the solder is mostly a mix of silver so you
      won't be able to use the new solder on old boards.

      --- Tom Hudson <tomhudson@...> wrote:

      > I had heard something about this movement a while
      > back (several years
      > ago) but wasn't aware it had gotten this far!
      > Thanks for the info, Gary.
      > -Tom
      > gjc0@... wrote:
      > >Greetings all:
      > >
      > >The electronics industry is in the process of
      > changing from the
      > >traditional lead tin solder alloy to a lead-free
      > alloy which is mainly tin.
      > >
      > >Soon, all consumer electronics will be lead free.
      > This is part of a
      > >law in Europe and a movement called ROHS (reduction
      > of hazardous substances).
      > >
      > >I will guess that all the chargers over 2 years old
      > use lead / tin solder.
      > >If you go to the electronics store ask for lead /
      > tin alloy.
      > >
      > >I do not know how difficult it is to mix the two
      > kinds of solder, but I believe you need to get the
      > lead free stuff a little hotter. In all cases, a
      > clean, well tinned soldering iron is mandatory for a
      > good job. If you are soldering large items, you
      > will need an iron big enough to quickly heat up your
      > joint. But, like Tom said, avoid acid flux!
      > >
      > >All there any electronics technicians out there who
      > have hands-on experience with this stuff?
      > >
      > >Sincerely,
      > >Gary Carlson
      > >
      > >
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