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1877Re: [solectria_ev] Lead Free Solder

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  • Tom Hudson
    Feb 3, 2006
      I had heard something about this movement a while back (several years
      ago) but wasn't aware it had gotten this far! Thanks for the info, Gary.


      gjc0@... wrote:

      >Greetings all:
      >The electronics industry is in the process of changing from the
      >traditional lead tin solder alloy to a lead-free alloy which is mainly tin.
      >Soon, all consumer electronics will be lead free. This is part of a
      >law in Europe and a movement called ROHS (reduction of hazardous substances).
      >I will guess that all the chargers over 2 years old use lead / tin solder.
      >If you go to the electronics store ask for lead / tin alloy.
      >I do not know how difficult it is to mix the two kinds of solder, but I believe you need to get the lead free stuff a little hotter. In all cases, a clean, well tinned soldering iron is mandatory for a good job. If you are soldering large items, you will need an iron big enough to quickly heat up your joint. But, like Tom said, avoid acid flux!
      >All there any electronics technicians out there who have hands-on experience with this stuff?
      >Gary Carlson

      Thomas Hudson
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