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1872Another NLG4 Bites the Dust?

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  • Stephen Taylor
    Feb 2, 2006
      Well I think my NLG4 charger for my NiCD car just died. Was charging the car this morning. Left the house for an hour or so about a half hour or so before the bulk charge would have ended and everything seemed fine. Came back and there was a distinct smell in the garage, not unlike new carpeting maybe even overheated carpeting. I used my nose and found the smell located around the charger. I know the smell that the NiCD batteries make as they are charging and this was distinctly different and stronger.

      Got the monitoring program going and everything checked out. The charger had finished bulk charge and appeared to be happily going thru the overcharge. The status was zero (NO PROBLEMS) and the voltages seemed to be about right. I allowed the charger to finish the overcharge which took another hour and a half. Still the monitoring gave no indication of problems.

      After charging, I unhooked the charger and opened it up. The first thing to greet me was a small amount of smoke that must have been trapped inside the closed container. Looking at the components nothing is terribly burned up and my nose isn't accurate enough to tell where the problem is. All the fuses test good. If I had to guess it is coming from one or both of the two big transformers (? I don't know electronic names) that are connected directly to the heat sink.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.

      Stephen Taylor

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