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1766Re: [solectria_ev] Service manual?

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  • Gordon Stallings
    Jan 2, 2006

      I'm a great believer in having good documentation.

      I have the following manuals that I can copy for you if you wish:

      * Service Manual 1995/1996 Solectria Force
      * Troubleshooting Guide 1997 Solectria Force
      * Service Manual (First Edition) 1998 Solectria Force

      The service manuals are very detailed when describing maintenance
      tasks. I recommend them highly. There is also step-by-step
      directions for conditioning a new battery pack.

      From my perspective, the weak points of the manuals involve lack of
      detailed design information. For instance, the wiring and
      connections are shown in a practical way, but there are almost no
      schematics. So I still don't know what's inside the little boxes, I
      don't know whether my car has battery heaters, and I have no
      information about the BC3KW charger.

      Contact me directly if you'd like me to copy a manual for you.

      --Gordon Stallings--

      >Does anybody here know if it is possible to get a service manual for a 1997
      >PbA Solectria force? Does such a thing even exist?
      >I'm getting ready to replace the batteries, and a service manual would
      >seem helpful for this.
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