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1397Re: [force_ev] Radio Interference

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  • Gordon Stallings
    Oct 7, 2005
      I, too, have had problems with RFI. I presumed that all Force owners
      experienced it. The zippered wire shield doesn't do much good even
      when installed properly with ty-wraps at each end to ensure good
      electrical connection to ground potential. Even with the drive
      turned off, the radio reception is weak for all but the very local
      stations. I tried adding an in-line antenna amplifier but it did no
      good against the RFI. I also checked for proper ground of the
      antenna coax at the roof edge. All OK. I suspect that the problem
      is at least partially due to the poor antenna design on the
      late-model Metro. An add-on vertical antenna would probably help,
      but would spoil the looks of the car.

      --Gordon Stallings--
      1999 Force
      AC-325 Controller

      >Interesting. Does your car have the zippered wire mesh shield wrapper
      >around the three Anderson connectors (usually red/white/blue) between
      >the motor controller and motor? That should knock out most interference.
      >I'm not sure about the DC-DC converter's adjustability. Please post
      >what you find out on that!
      >Anil Paryani wrote:
      >>I am planning to install a new stereo. I can't listen
      >>to most AM and lower frequency FM stations due to the
      >>Motor Controller EMI.
      >>1. Is there any concern chassis grounding the motor
      >>controller box to reduce EMI.
      >>2. Also, is it possible to adjust the DC-DC voltage
      >>(with an internal POT) to output something closer to
      > >14V rather than 12.0V which it is set at now.
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