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1258Force Repair Problem

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  • sparrow262
    Jul 2, 2005
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      Mike a fellow Force owner, but not on this group wanted me to post
      this for him. Please excuse any typos, but I simply retyped it here
      as best I could.

      Stephen Taylor

      "On the Yahoo Force group page Leonard Tramiel has been having a
      problem with his car cutting out for some time. I don't belong to
      the group although I have tried to join but refuse to turn off html
      so the owner won't let me in. I don't see that as a requirement
      anymore so I will try again.

      Amnyhow I asked someone to send this to hime before and I presume
      that they did but want to make sure.

      My 97 will shutdown just like Leonard describes if I turn it on
      without taking the ignition switch nall the way into what would be
      the starter position on a gas powered Geo.

      When I first started driving the Force I felt stupid turning the key
      all the way to start. Naturally nothing happens and it runs just
      fine if you just go to the run position. Well I flet even worse than
      stupid when the thing cut out in traffic a few times. It would
      always go again after I turned it off and complied with the neutral
      lock out feature. After a few times of this happening my faith in it
      going again was pretty strong and I took more time to see what the
      indications were. In addition to the loss of the traction motor
      control, I noticed a number of idiot lights had started their self
      test again. Most apparent beong the airbag.

      This made me "feel good" and think main ignition and not big bucks
      controller problem. The last time I endured the experience I wasn't
      in traffic. I just coasted for awhile and watched the panel reset
      and after cycling back to neutral I had power again.

      Since I started turning the key all the way to the start position
      stop, this shutting down problem has never repeated itself. I am
      sure in my car the ignition switch is intermittently dropping back to
      off if you don't go all the way into the starter position.

      If Leonard is starting from the run position like I was and hasn't
      tried this I would recommend he try it for awhile before he puts
      money in a controller that may be fine. In my case as far as the
      controller is concerned it is doing exactly what it is suppose to do
      when it gets an off from the switch.

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