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1249[Fwd: 1995 Solectria Geo]

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  • Tom Hudson
    Jun 17, 2005
      Fellow list members,

      I just got this email from Steve Hoch -- He's looking for an AMC325
      controller for his '95 Force. Does anyone know of a source?


      -------- Original Message --------

      Hi TOM

      Several weeks ago I aquired a Solectria Geo based EV. It had been used by
      a power utility company in Vermont.

      It is in fair shape for a 1995 with 26.5 k miles, BUT it is missing several
      key components, controller, charger, batts.

      Batts are easy for me to get (I maintain large UPS's), I have chargers
      that will surfice, but the controller may be the hardest for me to find.

      The 3 phase induction motor is model ACgu20, not listed by Sol. on
      their website. The dc bus appears to be 156 volts nom. using thirteen
      12v batts.

      I see several options:

      A) find a controller ( anything close will most likely work )

      B) convert to dc brushed motor ( I have built several DC-EVs)

      C) design / build a controller or convert another brand to work.

      I have been a long time advocate for electrification of transportation &
      would like to join your group.


      Thomas Hudson
      http://portdistrict5.org -- 5th District Aldermanic Website
      http://portev.org -- Electric Vehicles, Solar Power & More
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