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1161Re: getting 240vac from 120vac

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  • joelmeyn
    Mar 3, 2005
      I don't think y'all read the entire product list. There is a 20 amp
      version listed (for more money). Thanks for the tips on wiring this
      for cheap, but the part about strapping circuit breakers together
      doesn't sound doable as other members of the HOA use these
      circuits. I can't use an electric dryer outlet as there are none in
      this facility. The reason I am pursuing this carport charging is that
      my reserved space is in my carport.

      By the way, my car has a fuse between the charger and the pack. This
      is what blew recently and caused me to this my charger was dead.

      > Rav 4 charger requires a 40amp service. The device that you are
      looking at
      > here only has the capacity of 15amps.
      > Terry
      If you can find an electric dryer (outlet)in your facility, it could
      be "tapped" with an adapter to connect to your charger, as needed.
      You could also leave the charger connected with the dryer, but make
      sure both are not used at the same time!
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