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1100Re: [force_ev] More Drive System Problems

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  • Gordon Stallings
    Jan 4, 2005
      My 99 Force makes this noise when regenerating in the first couple of
      miles after a full charge. My battery monitor shows that some
      batteries go way overvoltage during that screeching regen, so I think
      it's not a good thing. I turn off regen during the first two miles
      if I have a downhill stretch or must make a quick stop.

      >Well, since we are comparing drive system problems.
      >On one of my 1997 Solectria's when it is "cold" and it goes into
      >regen, there is a relatively loud screeching sound from the drive
      >system, only in regen. If it were a belt drive I would say it needed
      >adjusment, that kind of sound, a squeeling belt. I don't think the
      >97's have belt drive. After the car "warms-up", the noise goes away
      >on regen and is relatively quiet.I have not tried a test in reverse
      >and cold, that may be an interesting experiment regarding shaft end
      >play as discussed.
      >I was suprised when I first drove my second 97; it does not do this.
      >Both cars have relatively the same low milage so I don't think it is
      >a wear problem on the first vehicle.
      >Anyone had this problem ?
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