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1098Re: [force_ev] More Drive System Problems

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  • gjc0@aol.com
    Jan 4, 2005
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      Yes, I have experienced the same loud screeching noise in regen.
      I was wondering if it is a bearing. If it gets too much worse I plan
      to get a tranny and drive line specialist to take it for a test drive.
      If he does not recognize the sound, I am going to invite a motor
      repair guy for a test drive.

      This is only if I get desperate. So, keep us all informed if you locate
      the source of the noise. I will do the same.

      On a related note, I put in a new Gates GT2 series drive belt.
      After a week I decided to tighten it up some more. The next day
      during hard acceleration off of a stop sign, the darn thing broke and
      I had to coast into a parking lot. If any of you have a belt drive, I do
      not recommend over-tightening them.

      Gary Carlson

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