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1095Re: [force_ev] More Drive System Problems

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  • theoldcars@aol.com
    Jan 4, 2005
      Hello Dave

      I have a 1997 and it does have a loud screeching sound in regen. The lower
      the batteries are the less it screeches. As a test I went down a hill with 0
      Amp hours used and it really screeches. At the bottom of the hill the tires
      started skidding and the drive train jumping around. With around 3 Amp hours
      from the pack it is no where near as bad. The lower the pack is the more the
      sound goes away.

      I talked to Solectria and was told the batteries were too full to take all
      the charge being produced. They also said some cars are set up for more regen
      and it can be adjusted.


      In a message dated 1/4/2005 5:16:27 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      DRPatterson@... writes:

      Well, since we are comparing drive system problems.
      On one of my 1997 Solectria's when it is "cold" and it goes into
      regen, there is a relatively loud screeching sound from the drive
      system, only in regen. If it were a belt drive I would say it needed
      adjusment, that kind of sound, a squeeling belt. I don't think the
      97's have belt drive. After the car "warms-up", the noise goes away
      on regen and is relatively quiet.I have not tried a test in reverse
      and cold, that may be an interesting experiment regarding shaft end
      play as discussed.

      I was suprised when I first drove my second 97; it does not do this.
      Both cars have relatively the same low milage so I don't think it is
      a wear problem on the first vehicle.

      Anyone had this problem ?


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