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1094Re: [force_ev] Drive System Problems

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  • Mike Chancey
    Jan 4, 2005
      Anil wrote:

      >This is Chris Reeves' former car!

      Small world (or maybe not, there aren't that many Forces).

      >It seems the
      >shuddering problem is back. I tried hard acceleration
      >in reverse and it does the same shuddering.

      I would try checking out the motor speed sensor. I wonder if has just gone
      out of adjustment? It is a bear to get the blower housing (flower pot) off
      the end of the motor, but the rest isn't all that much a problem if you can
      locate the correct feeler gauge (plastic shim thing from Solectria). I was
      able to borrow one from a former Solectria rep here in Kansas City. Also
      make sure you have one of those shorty cross tip (Phillips) screwdrivers
      there isn't much room. FWIW I just checked my old emails, the speed sensor
      was shipped from Solectria 6/25/03 so I probably installed it about July
      1st 2003.

      >I am still wondering about your theory. I have never
      >driven another Soletria but I hear a periodic drive
      >noise that I have never heard in other EVs that I have
      >driven. Is this normal of Solectrias?

      I am not sure what is normal for any electric. Every EV I have driven has
      a different sound. The old Citicar clanked and rattled, the Jet 007 had a
      serious controller growl (SCR), the TEVan had an almost shriek to the
      controller and incredible blower fan noises, the Solectrias alternately
      purred and squealed, and my Civic conversion has a low whine in the gearbox.

      >Where is the "Pot box." The service manual must refer
      >to it as something else. I can check the tolerances
      >of the resistors in the box. But what should they be?

      The pot box is the variable resistor controlled by the throttle. It is on
      the fire wall above the master cylinder. It is just a fairly common
      potentiometer in a weather resistant box. I opened the pot and cleaned the
      inside with electronics cleaner. I might be worth considering replacing
      the whole unit. I don't know the specs, but it is probably
      labeled. Anyone happen to know the rating? Anyone with a Solectria near
      Anil to compare sounds?


      Mike Chancey,
      '88 Civic EV
      '95 Solectria Force
      Kansas City, Missouri
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      My Electric Car at: http://www.geocities.com/electric_honda
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