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1093Re: [force_ev] More Drive System Problems

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  • Mike Chancey
    Jan 4, 2005
      Yes, my first '95 Solectria squealed a bit on heavy regen, but I never
      noticed a temperature variation. The second one is not as noticeable a
      squeal, but it has a kind of turboprop sound under power. It was quite
      apparent at first, but after a few hundred miles has faded out almost
      completely. I attributed it to the new gearbox breaking in. I never had
      both of the operational at the same time so I couldn't compare the sounds.

      The motor and gearbox for my second one are back at Solectria for new motor
      bearings. It was making a kind of rumble and after checking all the wheel
      bearings we decided it was the motor. Hopefully they will get it back to
      me soon.


      Mike Chancey,
      '88 Civic EV
      '95 Solectria Force
      Kansas City, Missouri
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