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1090Re: [force_ev] Drive System Problems

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  • Anil Paryani
    Jan 4, 2005
      This is Chris Reeves' former car! It seems the
      shuddering problem is back. I tried hard acceleration
      in reverse and it does the same shuddering.

      I am still wondering about your theory. I have never
      driven another Soletria but I hear a periodic drive
      noise that I have never heard in other EVs that I have
      driven. Is this normal of Solectrias?

      Where is the "Pot box." The service manual must refer
      to it as something else. I can check the tolerances
      of the resistors in the box. But what should they be?


      --- Mike Chancey <evtinker@...> wrote:

      > I have been kicking this around a while and I have
      > some thoughts. I know
      > this sounds a bit strange, but see if this makes any
      > sense.
      > The motor speed sensor reads a sensor wheel mounted
      > on the end of the motor
      > shaft. The clearance between the sensor and the
      > wheel is critical. Too
      > close and they make contact and are damaged, too far
      > and the signal from
      > the sensor may become too weak to properly feed the
      > controller. On the
      > other end of the motor shaft is a helical gear
      > driving into the
      > gearbox. Is it possible that that gear has
      > developed sufficient side
      > thrust to wear the motor bearings and allow the
      > motor shaft to move
      > slightly back and forth? Under low loads or regen,
      > the shaft would remain
      > in the normal position, but under heavy load, the
      > shaft would move the
      > sensor disc away from the sensor and cause an
      > intermittent signal to the
      > controller.
      > If this does seem like a possibility, then a
      > possible way of testing it
      > would be to find a large clear area like a closed
      > mall parking lot, and see
      > if you get the same kind of shudder while
      > accelerating hard in reverse. In
      > reverse the helical gear action would be pulling the
      > motor shaft the other
      > way, say closer to the sensor not further from it.
      > I am not sure you could
      > generate the same loads in reverse though, as I
      > suspect the controller
      > output is limited in reverse to about the same as
      > the economy setting.
      > Is this a particularly high mileage Force? Has
      > anyone else had any kind of
      > motor bearing problems?
      > I had a 1995 Force that I sold in 2003 to a former
      > EV1 owner in
      > California. His name was Chris Reeves. Is this by
      > any chance the same
      > car? If so that one got new batteries, a new motor
      > speed sensor, and the
      > sensor wheel in March/April 2003. It had a problem
      > with jerkiness at take
      > off, so I cleaned the pot box and replaced the motor
      > sensor. That seemed
      > to cure the problem.
      > Thanks,
      > Mike Chancey,
      > '88 Civic EV
      > '95 Solectria Force
      > Kansas City, Missouri
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