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1086Re: [force_ev] Drive System Problems

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  • Anil Paryani
    Jan 4, 2005

      The situation improves when I am in the econommy made.
      However, going up a steep driveway, the car doesn't
      make it. The previous owner stated that it didn't
      always do this. Any other advice would be appreciated.

      I have a mechanical gear box.


      --- gjc0@... wrote:

      > I have experienced the same problem in my 1992
      > force.
      > An electrical engineer colleague said that it seemed
      > like
      > a hunting problem (control system feedback
      > instability) to
      > him.
      > My controller is a Brusa 320 which I retrofitted to
      > the car.
      > I have adjusted (via the programming of the
      > controller or)
      > the economy knob to a lower maximum current so that
      > it
      > does not occur.
      > By the way, my 1992 uses a belt drive between the
      > electric motor
      > and the home-made differential. Do the 1995s still
      > do it that way?
      > Sincerely,
      > Gary Carlson
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been
      > removed]

      I just purchased a 1995 Solectria from an ex EV1 owner
      here in
      Southern California...so now I feel officially part of
      the club!

      Anyway, the vehicle under full throttle makes a sharp
      noise and begins to "bog" down. When the throttle is
      reduced the
      vehicle begins to accerelate normally. It acts
      similar as a manual
      transmission car with the clutch slipping.

      The previous owner spoke to Solectria who said that it
      might be a
      motor speed sensor problem. I performed the motor
      speed sensor test,
      as described in the service manual. The vehicle was
      jacked up and I
      SLOWLY accelerated up to maximum speed. Everything
      seemed normal to
      me. There is periodic motor vibration noise which I
      assume is normal
      and not related.

      If anyone has experienced this problem or could give
      me advice, I
      would surely appreciate it. I am wondering if the
      service manual's
      description of testing the motor speed sensor is
      adequate enough.
      Would it be worth while visual inspecting the speed
      sensor? It seems
      like a lot of work to get to it.

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