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108RE: [force_ev] Will makes TV again

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  • BECKETT,WILL (HP-PaloAlto,ex1)
    Nov 22, 2000
      Thanks for the feedback Tom.

      Did the show in October for CNX Media. They do financial programs for
      Quicken. You will notice they try not to talk about the location much and
      this is because they know the show will air all over the US. It was on ABC
      here at 5:45am on November 10th. While they were here they also did a story
      on my solar system and that one will show up here on December 1st. So watch
      for that as well.

      Nice to know someone really does see these shows.


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      Will Beckett made it onto the local TV news here in Wisconsin last week --
      It must have been a news report done by a station in California that the
      local NBC affiliate picked up. The story was about how EVs save money over
      equivalent gas cars, and showed Will driving his Force around, hooking up
      the charge paddle, etc. The local station ran a "bumper" at the start of
      the news and when I loked up and saw the white Force, I started wondering
      who else in our area had one! I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed
      that it wasn't another local car...


      Thomas Hudson
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