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1015AMC300 info again...

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  • Aaron Birenboim
    Oct 12, 2004
      I have posted before on this... but I'll go fishing again.

      I replaced the computer connectors to my AMC 300 (1992 force),
      but still I get no action at all when turning on the car.

      (I had a problem with the inverter shutting down after
      hitting a small bump. If I stopped the car, cycled
      from "off" to "forward", it started up again...
      until on one bump, it stopped dead.
      I assumed it was a wire/contact since it started
      after removing the inverter for battery maint. one day....
      cables were jostled)

      Is there any testing I can do?
      Can a call to Solectria (with credit card in hand) help?

      The error LED is not attached on this car.
      Might that help?

      I have not (yet) looked into what might to be
      the 26-pin break-out box marked "solectria" under the
      dash. Perhaps I could at least look at the error LED signal
      if I got in there.

      I'll ask again.... might anybody have the pin-outs
      for the other two 10-conductor cables? The user's manual
      I have talks about the 26-pin cable, but no mention of the
      other two cables.

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