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1006Re: Amp Hour meter died

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  • fredfischer55
    Sep 15, 2004
      More info: the interface box input cable has an open lead. This short cable
      has a six position Molex connector on one end (4 wires) and a 12 position
      orange inline connector (also 4 wires used). 12 Volt power comes from the
      Molex end on one red and one black wire. An RC filter circuit is wired to
      these power lines in the center of the cable. The 33 uF/450 V capacitor is
      wired between the power lines, and tests OK. The resistor is wired in front of
      the capacitor, in series with the red line. The resistor has been fried and the
      color bands are burnt off. What value resistor should be used for a
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