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1002Re: [force_ev] new sound, doesn't sound good.

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  • Gordon Stallings
    Sep 7 7:35 PM
      How many miles are on your motor? Surely the motor uses ball or
      roller bearings, not sleeve bearings. I'd think such bearings should
      last a long time. Make sure that some insulation or other material
      isn't rubbing the driveshafts. These might only be rubbing when
      under load.

      >I am hearing a new sound in my 1999 Force that seems to be getting more and
      >more noticeable. It is a fluttering sound that only seems to be there when
      >the motor is under torch (power or regen). Kevin, at Solectria, thinks it
      >might be a motor bearing. Any thoughts?
      >Will Beckett
      >Beckett PC Solutions
      >4189 Baker Ave.
      >Palo Alto, CA 94306-3908
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