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1Welcome to the Force_EV List ... Please introduce yourself :-)

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  • brucedp@yahoo.com
    Jun 27, 2000
      Where Solectria Force Electric Vehicle Driver's Discussions can
      lead to better networking amounst drivers, and their common issues
      resolved. The Force_EV List is not for commercial purposes:
      No Blatent Advertising is allowed. The Force EV List is for the
      benefit of the Force EV drivers. Networking and discussions are
      encouraged. List/Webmaster: http://eaaev.org/brucedp

      Your main web page is http://geocities.com/force_ev
      *Consider putting a image and description of your Force EV
      on the album page.

      A simple message (POST) to this list of who you are, when
      you bought your Force EV, how you like it, what issues you have,
      and how it has worked for you would be a good introduction
      for each of you to do.

      I created the (above) page and ths list. Although I do not drive
      an Force EV, I will POST Force EV newswire items as I find them
      to this list. -BruceDP