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Re: range-power selector problem & checking voltage Well, the problem seems to have been a dead battery. I just replaced it and in my first test run, the car runs like a vaguely remember it used to run. That
Doug Jackson
Apr 15
Re: Lithiumate Lite Reduce Throttle Hookup The simplest way would be to add a relay that switches a 10K resistor from pin 18 to pin 1 on the DB25 connector. This would reduce your power setting by 50%.
Apr 15
Re: Lithiumate Lite Reduce Throttle Hookup If you add the throttle reduction, make sure you add a bypass switch to disable / bypass that function. The switch should be located in an accessible
Charles Bliss
Apr 15
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Lithiumate Lite Reduce Throttle Hookup I am almost done installing the Lithiumate Lite. It has a couple outputs, one to reduce the throttle and one to turn off the controller, two final steps in
Apr 15
Re: Force no go question. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android gt Pl I'll polOlm hbh MN
Apr 13
Re: Force no go question. Good news. I plugged in my external control box to the db 25. When I switched the on switch, I heard the klunk. Bottom line, I found a dis-connected wire
Apr 11
Follow-up: [solectria_ev] Gel batteries I should have been more explicit about how far I am willing to go to get a replacement battery. San Jose or Sacramento are certainly within range. I hope
Apr 8
Re: Gel batteries I discovered today that my '99 Force has a virtually dead battery. Does anybody in the San Francisco Bay area have any used ones? Obviously, I want one with
Doug Jackson
Apr 6
Re: Force no go question. Thanks. Good news / bad news. I listened for the klunk with a stethoscope, and did not hear it on the Force, bud did on an E-10. I had driven the car the night
William Swann
Apr 5
Re: Force no go question. Be sure you've put the shifter switch in the off position, turn the key on, then switch to a forward or reverse speed. Also, check for any "chewed" wires on
Bob Jones
Apr 5
Re: LOOKING FOR A SOLECTRIA FOR SALE Hi, my '97 is just now for sale in Cinti, OH, reasonable$, 12,000 miles, nearly all the electrical components bench tested, while we were tracking down what
Apr 4
Re: Force no go question. Does the contactor in the AMC325 "thunk" when you turn the ignition key?
Apr 4
Force no go question. My force is un-responsive. That is, nothing happens when I press the accelerator pedal. The DC/DC converter is working. It has been so long since I had a
Apr 3
Re: [solectria_ev] Re: Electrical parts for sale Hi Josh, I'm looking for just $2,000. Are you near Northern NJ? You can look at it if you like. Battery pack not good now. Everything else should be fine.
Mar 25
Re: Electrical parts for sale Hello, if you still have the motor, gearbox and axles I am interested in purchasing those. I have a controller and a force with no batteries no motor etc....
Mar 25
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Re: [solectria_ev] LOOKING FOR A SOLECTRIA FOR SALE I'm also selling mine, 97, located in North Jersey. Needs battery pack, so I just want to sell it cheap. Zivan offboard charger included. Mitch ... Hi all, I'm
Mar 25
Re: LOOKING FOR A SOLECTRIA FOR SALE Mine is for sale in Cupertino, CA. 4 door with AC. Please contact me offline. Edward Ang
Edward Ang
Mar 25
Re: LOOKING FOR A SOLECTRIA FOR SALE We will sell our 99 4-door Solectria Force. Located in Rochester, NY. Jack Mottley mottley@... "$DO || !$DO ;
Mottley, Jack
Mar 25
Re: LOOKING FOR A SOLECTRIA FOR SALE I am selling my '99 Force. Located in Denver, Colorado. Sean sean@...
Mar 25
Re: LOOKING FOR A SOLECTRIA FOR SALE Hi, Roup - My '97 Force is for sale. I'm in Santa Clara, CA. Email me for details. It's in great shape. siouxtrees@... Sioux Sent from my iPhone
Sioux Ammerman
Mar 24
Re: LOOKING FOR A SOLECTRIA FOR SALE mine is for sale. 1999. located in Berkeley, Ca. email me directly doug@... Doug Jackson adjackson3.org p.s.: If you reply to this email,
Doug Jackson
Mar 24
LOOKING FOR A SOLECTRIA FOR SALE Hi all, I'm looking for a Solectria Force for sale, 4 doors model ! Thanks! Roup
Mar 24
Re: Electrical parts for sale Anyone reading this string, I have a brand new, NEVER used, Leviton J1772, 20 ft., 30 amp cord. It's the most heavy duty made. It was over $200, but I'm trying
Bob Jones
Mar 21
Re: Electrical parts for sale Sorry, the J1772 port kit was sold and sent out Thursday.  So now the Charger is 1500.00 if anyone needs it.  Thanks to everyone out there thats shown so
Daniel Hockaday
Mar 21
Re: Electrical parts for sale Thank you, the car was totaled so I have begun parting it out.  Several parts have already been spoken for and will be shipped out Saturday.  The car's frame
Daniel Hockaday
Mar 21
Re: Electrical parts for sale If you're interested in breaking up the charger and J1772 Port Kit; I haven't purchased the J1772 I'll need yet. So I'm interested in that (I already have the
Joe O'Brien
Mar 21
Re: Electrical parts for sale Hi Dan sorry for your Solectria, what price are you selling your car for ! where are you located, thanks! PR
Mar 21
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Electrical parts for sale Hello everyone, I have some good news for someone. I have a Brusa NLG513-U1-01I Charger and a J1772 Charge Port Kit for Electric Vehicles for sale, $1700.00. 
Daniel Hockaday
Mar 17
Re: CALB 100 Questions Without the cable connected it's open. So it needs to be connected together. I moved the fuse to the rear of the car as well. I did however leave 3 dead leads
Mar 15
CALB 100 Questions I am starting the install of 52 ea CALB 100 batteries and planning to leave the front empty. A file photo by perrypeas shows the two battery cables connected
Mar 15
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