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    Hello, my name is Michelle...I ll be 40 soon & I live in the Southern California high desert between San Bernardino and Barstow with hubby and 1 teen
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2008
      Hello, my name is Michelle...I'll be 40 soon & I live in the Southern California high desert between San Bernardino and Barstow with hubby and 1 teen stepdaughter, 3 cats and 3 dogs. We also have a 20 year old daughter currently working at the dining hall at Forest Home Ministries here in Southern California and an 18-year old son who recently went into the Army and is slated to go on to school for military intelligence.
      I consider myself a novice crocheter and I tend to go through spurts - either I really wanna do it or I'm really not into it. Right now I'm into it and am utilizing a generous freebie yarn share to get going on some charity projects. I already have some squares that are going to a blanket charity that takes 12" squares; but I felt I wanted to do more AND I was hoping to find something for the military families out there, which is how I ended up here :)
      Thank you for having me ~ I posted some of my work in the photo album section of the group website & look forward to your shares and wisdom!
      In Christ...
                .xOxOx.  Michelle S.
      ~ just a delicate flower in the desert ~
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