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78Re: [soldierscharitysisters] Photo Challenge

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  • Roxanne weaver
    Nov 21 8:32 AM
      Hey great idea. Would you like to help me by being co moderator of this group? With me back in school at may age it is hard to keep up with everything.

      alexndria <debbiesd@...> wrote:
      I know this may sound silly but I am creating a photo challege for
      all in this group who are donating any item - not just afghans and/or

      Here's the challenge:

      Today I uploaded two lapghans pics. My challenge is that each person
      take pics of their work and post here so that we can all see the
      great work that is being done. Some may want to remain anonymous,
      and that's OK! but, if you are working on something, or have just
      finished a project, please snap a quick shot (or have someone else do
      it and help you if you need it) and post in the photo album I have
      created called "Donation Items"

      If, for some reason, you are unable to post in that album, create
      your own and put your pics in there.

      I would LOVE to see the other work that is being done for this great
      cause. I'm starting a new afghan today!

      Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless,
      South Dakota

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