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  • alexndria
    Nov 21, 2007
      OMG!! That's horrible! I'm so sorry abou that. If you have a
      spyware program you should run it to make sure you didn't get any
      viruses or spyware on your computer (I always do that when I'm taken
      somewhere I don't want to go on the computer).

      I will check the link out later and figure out what is wrong. I was
      just there last night!

      Thanks for letting me know,

      --- In soldierscharitysisters@yahoogroups.com, "not_ever_home"
      <not_ever_home@...> wrote:
      > >Okay,I tried a link that I had saved in my favorites for the same
      > site and it took me to the same adult stuff...I think maybe a
      > has done the site in....If anyone knows the owner of that site you
      > want to contact them and let them know that their web addy is not
      > showing crochet anymore.Wendy
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