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7Good Morning

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  • soldierscharitysisters
    May 10, 2007
      Please take a moment to introduce yourselves.
      I have been working on sample squares to post on the site as well as
      my many other projects.I have been asked to work up a press release
      for a local paper also.I will post it as soon as it is printed.
      We are working hard at this end to generate alot of interest in what
      we are doing.
      In the future we may add some childrens items to our list as there
      are often quite a few sons and or daughters of military personnel in
      the hospital at Walter Reed.As soon as I find out we will update the
      group page and send out a special announcement.
      Until then keep the squares coming and don't forget we also want to
      offer healihng shawls to our female soldiers.
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