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  • not_ever_home
    Nov 14, 2007
      My email wasn't meant to be sad,just dreadfully
      honest...lol.I ususally find time to squeeze some time in for myself
      somewhere,and being that crochet is the thing I enjoy the most on my
      down time that is usually what I do for me...and if I can't be at home
      (Dr.Appt or just traveling in the car)I grab my crochet bag and get a
      few rounds/rows done on the go.Well enough about me....What branch of
      the service were you apart of? My husband served in the Army for 7
      years, and my dad served in the Navy(before my mom and dad married.)
      So I really don't know much about the military other than some of the
      funny stories my husband has told me about.I'm just Thankful willing
      people like you are or have been faithful to step up to the plate and
      serve to protect our country.Thank You for your service.Well I look
      forward to hearing from you in the future,In the meantime have A GREAT
      Day. Wendy
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