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63Re: Soaring Prices at the Supermarket!

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  • pattikrull
    Nov 9, 2007
      Re: Soaring Prices at the Supermarket!

      Recently someone reposted a news story about how grocery prices are
      going to rise across the board to almost staggering levels. After
      reading that I researched it myself and found hundreds of news reports
      substantiating this story. I started to watch the prices at my local
      supermarkets and sure enough almost everything has already gone up
      between .40 to .80 per product. In fact I have found that my total
      grocery bill has risen approximately 38 percent for the same products
      and quantities that I purchased two months ago. So I took the previous
      posters advice, I signed up for the sampler kit at
      http://groceriesclub.com and I must tell you that it has helped like
      nothing else. Just yesterday I was able to buy $175.98 worth of
      groceries and other products and it only cost me $22.13 thanks to this
      wonderful program! I am so excited and happy I can barely type. I plan
      on giving out gift certificates to this program as well. This couldn't
      have come at a better time.

      Patty K.
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