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399New around these parts :D

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  • tamayo_murkibus
    Mar 4, 2011
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      Im new just signed up last night. I have a deep love for crochet, been doing it since i was thirteen thanks to my mom and her patience to teach me very simple stitches...since then i've learned that i have a great love for in the round patterns and granny squares. I make them constantly. I have a suitcase full of scrap squares that i made that are just sitting there. most of them are 6x6 lol. i have so much yarn that i decided that i needed to maybe find something to do with it being that i crochet for relaxation and personal enjoyment. I have a 5 year old daughter that gets lotsa purses and blankets but the excitement of mommies hobby is wearing off. so now to find something, a friend said "hey, why not donate them to charity groups?" so I started digging and low and behold.

      Im a strong supporter of our troops. I live in the area of Fort hood and i am surrounded by ACU's lol. My father also spent time in the army, so army life is the way of life for me. I hate that our boys are dying and getting wounded for our freedom, and i am really happy to have found a great cause for them.

      My name is Lori, i'm 25...and eager to get started. :D I got my purple box of love sitting here waiting, so enough typing and let me go get started.

      Thanks for letting me join the cause. I would rather spend time with my hobby and share it with people who need them. A crocheted knited quilted blanket is a hug of love from far away sometimes you need that hug to.

      Thank you again. Feel free to email me if you wanna chatter it up.