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335Re: A Major Breakthrough In Cutting Everday Expenses!

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  • Mary Pinkerton
    Mar 25, 2010

      You ladies are so correct! I too and my sister are both members of the same program listed below. The savings are more than I ever dreamed were possible. I simply couldn't live if I ever had to pay full price again for anything!


      Add me to the list! I joined the very same program below that our moderator recommended and the savings for me also have been truly amazing. Not only on food and merchandise but with their sampler you get to eat out for practically nothing too! Great Program!


      [original message]

      Dear Moderator,

      When I read the recommendation posts for the products offered at
      http://nofullprices.net I was absolutely convinced it was a scam. So convinced
      that when my aunt sent me their sampler kit as a birthday gift I threw it out.
      What I didn't realize is that my husband Bob took it out of the trash and used
      it. He came home last night with about two dozen full grocery bags and showed me
      the receipt from the store. All he had to pay was $ 16.89! He saved 82% on the
      entire order. When I asked him how he managed that, he admiited to me that he
      took the program out of the trash and tried it. I am so grateful he did. I never
      realized it was possible to save so much money.