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33I'm Back

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  • soldierscharitysisters
    Jul 24, 2007
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      I'm finally able to use my hand again.Wanted to touch base and
      welcome newest members.One of our new members lost her son in the war
      so please send good thoughts her way.
      Now we have a new local member ,even if she doesn't realize it.We
      have a 90 year old altzheimers patient that for some reason only
      remembers how to knit 6" squares.Her daughters keep buying her yarn
      and when she is finished they drop them off.We told them we will put
      them together for her and add a note to the afghan before delivering.
      Is anyone going to participate in the contest and if so let me
      know when your squares ,afghans etc... will be in the mail.I'd like to
      have them in the next few weeks so we can close out the contest and
      get the winners their yarn in the mail.
      We have had some beautiful afgans delivered so far and we are so
      so pleased that so many are finding this the cause they wish to
      contribute too.Thank You Again for being apart of this group and for
      caring so much about someone you have never meant.
      Keep those needles busy