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293FW: Getting My Groceries At Deep Discounts!

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    Nov 6, 2009

      Dear Members, I have been asked by our group owner to share the following email that she received from her cousin Kim Morrison:

      I want to share this amazing tip that I just received about the programs at http://savingmorethanbefore.com I went to the supermarket with my neighbor two weeks ago and she left with an overflowing cart of groceries and non food items and to my shock only had to pay $ 23.36. She told me how she joined the program at the website above. As soon as I got home I joined the program as well. Last night I went shopping for Thanksgiving. We are having 12 people over as we do every year. My grocery bill for this holiday has always been in the neighborhood of $ 250.00. Thanks to this wonderful program this years bill was only $ 31.19! I am so excited I want to share this wonderful program with everyone I can!