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288You're Getting Overcharged At The Grocery Store!

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  • Stephanie Donaldson
    Oct 25, 2009

      You're Getting Overcharged At The Grocery Store!

      Unfortunately, I am in the same situation as millions of Americans. I
      have two credit cards completely maxed out one other 3/4 maxed out, I
      can't understand why every time I go to the supermarket (twice a week)
      the prices on everything keeps going up 40 cents at a time, I dread to
      open my utility bills, I am afraid to check my cars gas gauge and the
      thought of putting the heat on in the house send shivers down my
      spine. Yes, these are the worst times I ever recall in my life.
      Knowing that so many of you are in the same situation provides no
      comfort either. Three weeks ago my mom gave me the sampler program
      from a company at http://unitedstatesdiscounts.com and this has really
      helped me significantly. It has helped to eliminate the price
      increases on many things and in most instances I am paying less for
      food and merchandise than I did 10 years ago. It has taken away so
      much stress from life. I hope that my message will help others out of
      this very difficult time.