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268Deep Grocery Savings!

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  • mirandaamy@rocketmail.com
    Jul 23, 2009
      Deep Grocery Savings!

      I must admit when I first read the glowing post about the programs being offered
      at http://expenseloophole.com I was convinced that the whole thing was a
      scam. Then this past weekend we took a trip to my cousin's home. It was a large
      out of state reunion. I offered to assist Jean (my cousin) to the grocery store.
      She was buying everything in sight. I thought she lost her mind. When all was
      said and done and her order was rung up it totaled $ 678.89 then suddenly the
      cashier told her $ 38.16. I thought I was hearing things until my cousin gave
      her two twenties and received her change. In the lot I asked her what just
      happened and much to my amazement she told me she gets these savings through
      this same program above that I thought was a scam. Wow! I borrowed her computer
      when we got back to her home so I could sign up for their sampler program too. I have never seen anything like
      this before!