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20Welcome New Members and an update

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  • soldierscharitysisters
    Jun 13, 2007
      I want to personnally welcome our newest members. This group is
      just getting started so it is a bit slow as far as messages are
      concerned.This may be a good time for everyone to reintroduce
      themselves and tell us a little about yourselves and why you like to
      do work for good causes.We can just chat a bit about anything.

      Now for the report on how we are doing.The phone has not stopped
      since our press releases.I must go in the next week or so to pick up
      12 afghans from 1 lady and have to call another for directions for
      she has quit a few that need to picked up.A local church called and
      has prayer shawls and afghans they are bringing in.

      We never thought this idea would explode so fast.I am so excited
      that we will can make more and more of our wounded comfortable.

      Remember squares can be any size with 6" and 12" being the most
      suitable but any size you are comfortable doing is fine with us.The
      same is true with lapghans and afghans etc... Use your own judgement
      on sizes.

      I hope all had a pleasent day.