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137Good Evening

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  • soldierscharitysisters
    Feb 10, 2008
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      Hello Group,

      It has been a crazy few weeks for me and I don't get to stop
      in and say hello and catch up with all our knitters and crocheters.I
      am finding Medical Terminology to be a challenge for me but will get
      through it.
      Since our campaign for afghans is going so well we would like
      to also add some veterns retirement homes to our project. They need a
      little sunshine and caring too. As for Walter Reed I am thinking
      wheel chair caddies may be usful also. So Many of them there have
      lost a limb or limbs and alot use wheel chairs. I will look around
      tomorrow afternoon for links to the patterns and post them here.
      I am so looking forward to the day we have hit 200 afghans
      delivered which is not far off. We have people working on putting
      together the many squares that have been donated and it looks like we
      may have enough for quite a few afghans. If you have any odd squares
      laying around please send them in so we can add them into the afghans
      now being completed.
      Also am working on finding out about starting a cards of
      encouragement project. I will let everyone know how this works out. I
      am told that we need special permission to allow them also. I have
      been referred to a group that may be able to help us with this.
      Happy Knitting and Crocheting
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