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130Is Everyone crocheting or knitting to keep warm

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  • soldierscharitysisters
    Jan 25, 2008
      I sure hope so. We need to get all the afghans etc... we can to these
      soldiers. It has been so cold lately they could really enjoy them.
      Anyhow I will try to check in at least twice a week. I really have a
      hard term to get through at school with alot of medical classes. I
      will get together with Lucinda and see if we can work it out that one
      of us checks in at least every other day.
      The afghans are still coming in and we are already over 150
      delivered. I want to see this group grow so invite your friends to
      join us. This is such a worth while cause. Most of the injured at
      Walter Reed are missing limbs and are there for many months so a touch
      of home is always welcome.