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  • Lori
    Jan 6, 2008
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      I've just joined the group so here's my intro. I'm 29 and live in
      Hollywood, CA with my husband and our cats. I'm originally from York
      County, PA (Dallastown) and got my undergraduate degree from
      Shippensburg University. I then left PA to go to law school in Boston
      (Northeastern University School of Law) where I met my husband.
      Finished law school and practice for a few months but decided I hated
      the 80-hour weeks--started to forget what my husband looked like! :)
      So I went back to school to get my Masters in Library and Information
      Science and just finished my degree last month so now I have lots more
      free time. We moved to California in 2004 to be care for my
      mother-in-law who had Stage IV breast cancer. We decided to stay on in
      LA after she passed away in December 2004 and have been here ever since.

      I'm the law librarian for a law firm in LA that has 9 offices spread
      across 3 states and over 85 attorneys, which keeps me pretty busy but
      I like to knit or crochet on my long bus commute (1 hour in the
      mornings and an hour to hour and half in the evenings--everything they
      say about LA traffic is true and then some, unfortunately!:). Afghan
      squares are the perfect portable project! I also knit socks for the
      Socks for Soldiers yahoo group but working on size 1 needles makes my
      fingers hurt after awhile so I'd love to be able to switch off with
      another project that also helps those who serve our country. I've been
      knitting for about 4 years, crocheting for 2, quilting for 7 and
      cross-stitching for about 20. And being a librarian, I also love to
      read--I often prop a book open on my cookbook stand and put it on the
      coffee table so I can knit and read at the same time.

      I also knit socks and afghans for the afghans for Afghans organization
      and I occasionally send knitted toys to the Friends of Pine Ridge
      Reservation--I like to pass the love around and switching off between
      projects keeps things interesting.

      Thanks for letting me join what I'm sure will be a really great group
      working for a terrific cause.

      Happy New Year!

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