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114update on contributions and deliveries

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  • soldierscharitysisters
    Dec 18, 2007
      I just wanted to thank all who have contributed their time and efforts
      into makinng this venture such a success. My sister, Roxanne, and I
      plan on continuing with this venture as long as we have support from
      all of you and all in our surrounding communities. I have recently
      gotten more donations of complete afghans and many squares to be put
      together into afghans. The last batch of about 35 afghans and lap
      robes should be delivered this week. Steve, our cousin was contacting
      the VA retirement home in Washington DC to see if we could also make
      some deliveries there at some point in time. I myself have 3 more
      afghans that I have crocheted to send down next time. I also wanted
      to let you all know we have a lady in our local area helping out that
      is 93 years old and has alzheimers and all she remembers how to do is
      knit squares in one size only. When her daughters saw my ad in our
      local newspaper they were just estatic to found a place to donate all
      of these squares and keep their mother busy. So far she must have
      knitted about 100 squares and is still knitting. I hope you all have
      a great holiday and happy knitting and crocheting. Lucinda