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Re: [solarisx86] Dell and Oracle making out again - Solaris x86 not invited to the party

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  • John D Groenveld
    In message , John D Groenveld wr ... Judith Sim and company s marketing wonks are going to earn their pay
    Message 1 of 21 , Jul 5, 2013
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      In message <201306052112.r55LC4Xl029311@...>, John D Groenveld wr
      >How do you think a shift from blaming sales critters to blaming
      >customers will go over with the analysts?

      Judith Sim and company's marketing wonks are going to earn
      their pay selling ORCL investors that it was the customers'
      fault for not buying "lots and lots" of John Fowler and
      company's Solaris systems and Solaris software.

      See Mark Fontecchio's interview of Bill Bradford:
      | I've never seen another company that has shot itself in the foot so
      | badly with their handling of an acquisition and
      | relationships/interactions with the existing customer base. I know
      | of companies who immediately moved away from anything Oracle-related
      | as soon as the acquisition went through, as their prior experiences
      | dealing with the company poisoned future chances of using them as a
      | hardware or operating system vendor.

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