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Re: [solarisx86] Re: MEDIA: DeWitt comes to terms with Cobalt's end

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  • John D Groenveld
    ... Brent Chapman, author of O Reilly s Building Internet Firewalls. Excellent speaker. John
    Message 1 of 31 , Feb 1, 2004
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      In message <bvi5e0+66e5@...>, Philip Brown writes:
      >There was a presentation at LISA which I guess you missed, where a guy

      Brent Chapman, author of O'Reilly's Building Internet Firewalls.
      Excellent speaker.

    • John D Groenveld
      ... Exactly why you should have prefaced your comments about what you hear from fellow employees about Scott s performance with exactly which type of fellow
      Message 31 of 31 , Feb 1, 2004
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        In message <E1AnmGU-0003PO-00@...>, Alan DuBoff writes:
        >On Sunday 01 February 2004 13:20, John D Groenveld wrote:
        >> Yes, I'm aware of that. Some of them I know have very poor track records
        >> when it comes to Solaris x86.
        >And others have quite a good record for Solaris x86. After all, if it wasn't

        Exactly why you should have prefaced your comments about what you hear
        from fellow employees about Scott's performance with exactly which
        type of fellow employees.

        >As I said, it was all on paper, so it wasn't cash out of Sun's pocket, it
        >doesn't matter how much it was.

        You can claim it was all on paper, but in my reality and in my portfolio
        it was lost opportunity and value.

        We'll agree to disagree and I'll try to go to bed tonight not thinking
        about all the other wonderful things Sun could have bought in December
        2000 with those 30M pieces of paper, let alone that just three years
        later Sun's EOLd the Cobalt product line.

        >> That Scott McNealy helped devalue SUNW stock by using 30M shares of it
        >> for a company that the market quickly understood was worth much less
        >> only makes the deal more embarrassing.
        >It can easily be said that Scott drove the company to $120/share, when they
        >were able to split. Because customers chose to buy Sun hardware shouldn't be

        Scott is the boss and as such gets credit for the good times and
        blame for the bad. Good times are ahead.

        >held against them. Yet, customers are still buying Sun hardware, even today,
        >and they'll continue to buy it in the future. From my view, the future looks
        >the best for Solaris x86, and if it bothers you with how Sun is heading
        >please continue to give feedback.

        I'm bullish on SUNW even though I continue to see major problems.
        The bugs will be fixed over the long term but I'd rather see them
        fixed quicker.

        >This fora has been good at twisting the view in their favor, and I'm not


        >trying to bend anything on Sun's side, but we need to be fair and honest


        >about the past and future. If any companies are whining that they're not
        >getting heard, they need to talk to their sales reps, as you promptly point

        Absolutely agreed. The sales rep and sales engineer is the customers'
        primary channel to a vendor.

        >out to them. Coming up with some crap about Sun only listens to fortune 500s
        >is pure rubbish, just as it is to value the Cobalt purchase at $2b in todays

        I agree with your first point, but the second appears to be an effort
        to twist the facts in management's favor.

        >This list has no relation with Cobalt, it would be nice if you could let it
        >die and focus on Solaris x86 and how we can make it better, rather than
        >continue to beat a dead horse for no reason other than to jab a stick in

        I don't see how you do not see the connection between Cobalt and
        Solaris x86 given your previous statements in 2002.

        >Sun's eye. If you want to jab stick in eyes, how about focusing on PSU and
        >the fiasco with Napster, there's a nice fresh eye waiting for stick to poke

        I've made my opinions known without resorting to violence.
        Ultimately its up to customers (students) to make their complaints
        public and get the attention of the Board of Directors (Trustees) and
        major stockholders (State Legislature).

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