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Re: Solaris 10 x86, OpenSound and playing Audio CDs

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  • devmazumdar
    ... XMMS instructions - the cd ... get it playing the ... but it didn t work, could you ... Here s the basic steps: 1) Run XMMS 2) Right Click in XMMS, Select
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 8, 2006
      --- In solarisx86@yahoogroups.com, "Kaiwai Gardiner"
      <kaiwai.gardiner@...> wrote:
      > Hi Dev,
      > Thank you for the reply to the inquiry, I could quite follow the
      XMMS instructions - the cd
      > audio plugin was all ok and the drive was setup, however, I couldn't
      get it playing the
      > music; I tried their steps of open file, the selecting the device,
      but it didn't work, could you
      > give me a heads up on how to accomplish this?

      Here's the basic steps:

      1) Run XMMS
      2) Right Click in XMMS, Select Options->Preferences menu
      3) Select the CD AUdio Player plugin under Input Plugin window and
      press configure button
      4) Set the device and the Directory correctly
      5) Press the Digital Audio Exrtaction Button
      6) Press check drive button and you should see a window open up
      showing the number of tracks found on the cd.
      7) close everything and press the Eject button on XMMS.
      8) Change directory to the one you set up in step 4. and you
      should now see all your tracks in the window.
      9) Click on a track and it should play.

      THere are ways of automating this.

      Best regards
      Dev Mazumdar
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