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Re: [solarisx86] How do I delete NICs under X86 version 9?

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  • Gary Riseborough - Master Instructor - A
    Hi Frank, I m not an expert on SunScreen, but your error isn t really a Solaris issue, per say. It is a SunScreen issue. So long as when you run ifconfig -a ,
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 30, 2003
      Hi Frank,

      I'm not an expert on SunScreen, but your error isn't really a
      Solaris issue, per say. It is a SunScreen issue.

      So long as when you run "ifconfig -a", and no elx* interfaces are
      shown, Solaris won't try to use them.

      However, SunScreen configures it's interfaces more statically. So
      just removing the physical interfaces from Solaris doesn't remove
      them from SunScreen. You have to do that manually.
      Something like : (From memory only, so take with a grain of salt)

      ssadm active
      ssadm edit POLICY
      list interfaces
      delete interface elx0 SCREEN XXX
      delete interface elx1 SCREEN XXX
      ssadm activate POLICY

      You will probably have to add interfaces for your new NICs as

      Hope that helps.!
      -- Gary

      franktarz wrote:
      > How do I get Solaris 9 X86 to understand that I've replaced my NICs?
      > I've moved from 2 3C905s to a Intraserver 5232E (quad NIC).
      > I installed the IT5232 in the box, rebooted, edited the appropriate
      > hostname files and rebooted again. Solaris created /dev/dnet[0-3] and
      > the hardware works fine.
      > The entires in /dev for the 3C905s are still there and SunScreen is
      > still looking for them.
      > I tried editing-out the entries (ssadm edit Initial) for the elxl[0-1]
      > but SunScreen still thinks that they should be there.
      > I keep getting SS_PLUMB_INTERFACE Error 31 and another error message
      > about the windowing system not working properly when I boot. I'm
      > prompted to enter the root password to reconfigure the
      > monitor/keyboard/mouse or ^D to continue.
      > How do I fix this?
      > Frank
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