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Comets in SWAN

Hi, All. Now in SWAN images visible 4 comets. X-Y (0,0 - upper left) for 25/03/2015: 88P (Howell) - 125 292 C/2014 Q2 (Loejoy) - 439 195 C/2015 C2 (SWAN) - 538
Vladimir Bezugly
Mar 28

Re: Potential comet in C2 20150307

Hi all, Sorry for the mail subject, it shoud be in C3. More positions in 1024x1024 images: picture name position 20150307_1542_c3.gif (313,627)
Zhijian Xu
Mar 7

Potential comet in C2 20150307

Hi all, Potential comet: Images: C3 B&W images. (0,0) Upper Left. 20150307_1506_c3.gif (307,632) 20150307_1518_c3.gif (309,630) 20150307_1530_c3.gif
Zhijian Xu
Mar 7

Sungrazer site offline

Hi All, There is currently a major network outage (power related, from what I understand) at the Lab. So all web sites (sungrazer, secchi, lasco) are offline,
Mar 7

Potential comet

Hi All, Potential comet: Images: C2; 1024x1024 images. (0,0) Upper Left. 20150305 Meyer group comet. 17:36 9 145 17:48 22 133 18:00 35 122 Best regards
Szymon Liwo
Mar 5

Potential comet

Hi All, Potential comet: Images: C2; 1024x1024 images. (0,0) Upper Left. 20150305 Meyer group comet. 15:24 9 145 15:36 22 133 15:48 34 121 Best regards
Szymon Liwo
Mar 5

AW: [sohohunter] regarding FITS data from C2/CS

Dear Prafull, all data always becomes available on FTP first: 1) Connect with your FTP-client to one of the following two public FTP-servers; I prefer the
Sergei Schmalz
Mar 1

regarding FITS data from C2/CS

Hello everyone, I am back after a long time. Congratulations to Zhijian Xu for the new discovery. I was wondering that the fits files were not available on
Feb 28


Hi Sergei, That's correct - DISCVR contains no coronagraph or heliospheric imager (HI) capabilities. There are currently no planned replacements of LASCO that
Feb 8


Hi all! As far as I can judge from the data on the official DSCOVR website (http://www.nesdis.noaa.gov/DSCOVR/), there will be no instruments on the satellite
Sergei Schmalz
Feb 8

15P/Finlay is brighter than before In SWAN images

Hi all.In the fresh outburst, 15P blink again in the latest SWAN image£¨taken on 0116£©. It's more vivider than its image taken on 2015/01/15. I think it's
Jan 20

Re: SOHO comets --- 2014

Dear Artyom, This is SOHO and STEREO Comets 2014: https://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/~jds/knos14.htm Regards Szymon Liwo ... From: Artyom Novichonok asterion@...
Szymon Liwo
Jan 13

SOHO comets --- 2014

Dear friends, What amount of SOHO comet was discovered at 2014? Regards, Artyom Novichonok.
Artyom Novichonok
Jan 13

X-Comet of 2001-03-21

Hi all, I was able to get these positions in C3 for what seems to be Mike Oate's Kreutz-group comet report of 2001-03-21, previously deemed an X-comet and
Dec 26, 2014

15P/Finlay and C/2014 R1 in SWAN images

The comet 15P took place an outburst yesterday, maybe we can get more informations about it from the further images. 15P/ Finlay (0,0) Upper Left. Date x
Dec 19, 2014
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