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Potential comet in 20151031

Hi all, Cannot open the report page. Anybody has report it to Karl? Potential comet: Images: C3 images. (0,0) Upper Left. Kreutz group comet. picture size:
Zhijian Xu
Oct 31

Re: Potential kreutz comets 2015-10-22

Hi Zhijian, Thanks for the reply :) Retract both claims then. Regards, Trygve
Oct 23

Re: Potential kreutz comets 2015-10-22

Hi Trygve, They are all known comets. Regards, Zhijian Xu
Oct 23

Potential kreutz comets 2015-10-22

Hi all, I'm currently not able to access the sungrazer report page, so reporting these two objects here. I assume they have already been reported? 1024*1024
Oct 23

Confirmation observations of XC-82

Hi all, I was able to locate this Kreutz-like comet in C3 images of 2012-07-01/02, which seems to correspond to Sergey Shurpakov's X-comet of 2012-07-02
Jun 3

Odd short-lived Kreutz 2014-09-28

Hi all, Just sent this report to Karl. Thought it was worth reporting here as well, as it's a rather interesting comet (as far as Kreutz-group comets go):
Jun 1

C/2014 Q1 (PanSTARRS) now in SWAN

Hi, All. Comet C/2014 Q1 (PanSTARRS) now visible in SWAN images from May 23-24 at next position (0,0 - upper left): 2015-05-24 525 285 Mag ~ +11m. Vladimir --
Vladimir Bezugly
May 27

Re: P/1999 R1

Just want to echo Rainer's sentiments here. At a meeting in March, Matthew and Alan told me of their plan to attempt observations of P/1999 R1 (SOHO). I was
May 26

Re: P/1999 R1

Excellent work Mr Knight and team. So, SOHO comets do exist beyond the orbit of mercury...8) I was going to look for this comet from my back yard, as its
Alan Watson
May 24

P/1999 R1

Hi, P/1999 R1 (SOHO) was imaged for the first time from the ground at the ESO VLT UT1 on Cerro Paranal (MPEC 2015-K84): PJ99R010 )C2015 05 22.21599 15 42 16.54
Rainer Kracht
May 24

Potential Comet

Potential comet: Kreutz group comet. Images: C3; 1024x1024 images. (0,0) Upper Left. 20150511 1030 423 813 1042 423 8111054 425 8111106 426 809
May 11

Re: SWAN instrument?

Hello, Robert! Yes, SWAN still worked! Excellent! And I still not believe my eyes, but 88P separated and we see C/2015 G2 (MASTER). Incredibly! Vladimir --
Vladimir Bezugly
Apr 22

Re: SWAN instrument?

Hi Vladimir, Nice to see SWAN images return after a 2-week break. And now we can finally see 88P and C/2015 G2 (MASTER) as distinctly separate objects. (They
Matson, Rob D.
Apr 22

Re: SWAN instrument?

Hi All. With SWAN cameras everything is good. New images in SWAN site. False alarm. Vladimir -- реклама
Vladimir Bezugly
Apr 22

SWAN instrument?

Hi All. Who knows what happened with SWAN instrument aboard SOHO spacecraft? Last image was obtained on April 5. So more that two weeks without new images.
Vladimir Bezugly
Apr 21
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