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VP of Global Marketing, Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Arlington Heights, IL or Tel Aviv, Israel

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  • Cynthia Typaldos
    Hi everyone, We are not ready to start the automatic job postings yet, but VP jobs are far and few between, so I am posting two by hand. Please contact the
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      Hi everyone,


      We are not ready to start the automatic job postings yet, but VP jobs are far and few between, so I am posting two by hand. 


      Please contact the recruiter below, not me, if you are interested in this position.









      David Allen

      "One of the greatest discoveries a man makes,one of his greatest surprises,is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do

      Henry Ford


      Aladdin Knowledge System

      Vice President, Global Marketing: Arlington Heights , IL or Tel Aviv , Israel

      Position Mission :

      To provide strategic and global marketing leadership in the achievement of corporate objectives. From integrated marketing campaigns to working with Strategic Partners, brand awareness, new customer acquisition and clear, consistent messaging are critical drivers of success.  This position will create and drive standardized processes for efficiency, cost and speed, while the implementation of corporately-driven campaigns will be customized to the local markets for maximum impact and results.  This position will be visible globally to all Aladdin subsidiaries as well as significant go-to-market partners.  And lastly, the CRM system will help focus the 2005/2006 marketing budget on activities that drive maximum results; time must be invested by this position to ensure its success.

       Key Duties and Responsibilities

      • Establishes strategic marketing goals & direction to meet corporate objectives
      • Fully understands all Company’s products/services with the ability to translate into strong, compelling messages; consistency in messaging across mediums
      • Strong partnership with BU/PM in translating product roadmaps into successful product launches, line-extensions and maximizing market share/competitive conversions
      • Enhance company and product brand awareness by providing strong management and marketing guidance to the global marketing team, Country GMS’s & corporate managers
      • Develops and manages the Global Marketing Budget in coordination with the local subsidiaries
      • Drives Customer press releases and leveraging those wins for increased PR & sales’ use
      • Establishes and maintains relationships with Strategic Partners and strategizes with Business Development to maximize opportunities
      • Resolves conflicts and facilitates needed change to ensure objective fulfillment and swift response to marketing problems and opportunities
      • Strong direction and global guidance in ads, corporate direct mail/Internet campaigns, posters, and ListServ mailings
      • Direct all marketing activities/expenditures towards highest ROI, including web site activities (Web Site Story analytics)
      • Complete management & direction of all corporate sites (Aladdin.com, CRM Customer and Partner Portals) with constant, fresh relevant material(s)
      • Drives and manages US public relations efforts; actively manages US IR efforts

      The Successful Candidate will have:

      Ø       Experience in well run, well marketed, Security companies in high technology-

      Ø       Experience in companies that know how to compete, and win.

      Ø       Stability.  Staying power. 

      Ø       Bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement; MBA is highly desirable, from good school.

      Ø       A solid reputation for building relationships internally as well as with customers and partners.

      Ø       Excellent organizational leadership skills; open and friendly personality.

      Ø       Self-achievement; a strong drive to win.

      Ø       A desire and ability to travel internationally; minimum 40% of the time.


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