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VP Marketing, San Diego, CA, USA

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    VP Marketing, San Diego, CA, USA ... Be sure to READ the application instructions carefully. DO NOT click on Reply or Reply-All, as your response WILL NOT be
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      VP Marketing, San Diego, CA, USA

      Be sure to READ the application instructions carefully. DO NOT click on Reply or Reply-All, as your response WILL NOT be received by the prospective employer.

      There are now 6 professional guilds (ProfGuilds) for the software industry:

      Please mention that you saw this job posting on the SWMarketing Prof Guild . That will set you out from the crowd and also remind the job poster that the SW ProfGuilds are a great place to find qualified software, internet, networking, and telecommunications professionals.

      You MUST include a cover email -- do NOT send an empty email with an attached resume. Be sure to include the job title and location in your subject line so that the recruiter will know to open your email.

      Please do not forward to colleagues but instead ask them to join the appropriate SW ProfGuild

      No re-posting. All jobs posted to any of the SW ProfGuilds are at the request of the job poster. We never post jobs without a direct request from the job poster. SW ProfGuilds believes it is the right of the job poster to decide where to post his/her job and we ask that you also honor this guideline.

      Create your ResumeBlog�

      Plowing through hundreds of resumes is tough on our job posters, even though all of us are above average. To enable the best candidates to stand out, we are encouraging every job poster to search the ProfGuilds member database first. What member database? Our ResumeBlogs.

      Don't have one? Create your own ResumeBlog in less than 15 minutes at www.resumeblog.com . Most jobs are not filled by the avalanche of resumes in response to a job posting, but rather by the job poster finding the perfect candidate, often using Google as their main search tool. But in order to be found, you have to have a web presence that can be searched e.g. your own ResumeBlog.

      Don't be googled over due to "Absence of Presence" -- get yourself into the ResumeBlog database and help the recruiters find you!

      -- Cynthia Typaldos, Founder & President, SPM & ProfGuilds

      VP Marketing San Diego (170-190k base) Security SW

      Job Description

      POSITION: VP Marketing needed for growing, pre-IPO security software company. Position reports to the CEO. There are three people on the marketing team and approximately 50 people in the company. Right now, CEO needs someone that can be a manager and individual contributor. Someone who can roll up their sleeves, dig in and just get it done.

      COMPANY: Security software company

      LOCATION: Position will be headquartered in the San Diego , California area. Working remotely is not an option.

      COMPENSATION: Annual base salary is expected to be between $170-190k. Full benefits and great stock option plan

      PERSONAL SUMMARY: Strong, analytical thinking and clear, demonstrated oral communication skills to present the content to various sales, engineering and support staff is required. Strong initiative and follow-through skills with high attention to detail are required. Need someone who is a self-starter; can work individually on projects and as a supportive team member/leader. Need a team player that enjoys working with a close-knit group. Need someone who is enthusiastic, hard working, and highly productive. Need someone experienced at managing and delivering on time against multiple priorities. Someone with excellent interpersonal, team building skills is necessary.


      � Must have significant experience in marketing and product marketing of an enterprise focused security product.

      � Must have significant experience taking a new product to market.

      � CEO will only interview candidates that can tell at least 1 or 2 stories about how they took a new technology and figured out how to package and sell that technology to specific target markets resulting in significant revenue generation.

      � Must have helped a company grow revenues significantly, while in a marketing role.

      � Must have someone who is capable of doing basic market research and analysis.

      � Must have someone with a good understanding of all aspects of product strategy and positioning and be able to incorporate that into all aspects of marketing.

      Submit your application to ashraf.seddeek@... or aseddeek@... 


      << To apply for this position, please send resume and completed questionnaire to me at ashraf@...; resume only won't be enough . The questionnaire is downloadable here http://www.fremontconsulting.com/quest.html . Client is expecting both documents submitted. Thank you for your time.  To subscribe to our marketing job opportunities email list, please send an email to ashraf@... with the words: subscribe marketing in the subject line. >>>

      Submit your application to ashraf.seddeek@... or aseddeek@... 
       Currently, we are recruiting for a VP of Marketing for a growing, pre-IPO security software company. The position will be headquartered in the San Diego area. CEO will NOT consider someone who needs to work remotely. Right now, CEO needs someone that can be a manager and individual contributor. Someone who can roll up their sleeves, dig in and just get it done.

      ***** When you respond to this opportunity, please be sure that the subject line of your email states: �VP Marketing San Diego ($170-190k base) Security SW� so that it can be processed correctly*****

      If you are interested in this position, then please review the attached document. If you meet all of the absolute requirements, then please complete the form and email it back to me along with the resume that you would want me to send. I will begin benchmarking candidates in seven days, so please email me with your resume and completed questionnaire soon. (PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS AT THIS POINT. )

      If you are one of the Top 10 candidates selected to be presented for the position, then I will give you the name of our client and ask for your permission to present you. When I present you, I will give our client your resume, contact info and completed questionnaire. I do not make any changes to your resume or answers when I present you. The client will review both documents before making any interview decisions.

      In this market, our clients are setting VERY specific qualifications for their positions. They insist that we only present candidates that meet all of their absolute requirements. Many of our candidates tell us, "The best candidate for a job is not always the person that has done the exact same job before". However, companies that are making hiring decisions are asking us to find people who have done that exact job before. They CAN be very picky. We can only present up to 10 candidates for each position. Sometimes a candidate may qualify, but not make it into the Top 10 because there are other candidates that are more qualified.   


      Click here to apply:   ashraf.seddeek@...

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