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  • John H. Fisher
    Duo dials in to HD Radio By Jeff Berman, News Editor -- 10/24/2005 EDN Texas Instruments and Atmel have joined forces
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005
      Duo dials in to HD Radio
      By Jeff Berman, News Editor -- 10/24/2005

      Texas Instruments <http://www.ti.com/> and Atmel <http://atmel.com/>
      have joined forces to deliver an HD Radio offering that combines Atmel's
      74260 RF tuner IC with TI's TMS320DRI350 HD Radio digital baseband.

      The companies say the offering provides improved flexibility over
      competing approaches, optimizes overall system performance, and lowers
      bill-of-materials costs for HD Radio developers.

      The DRI350 is the sole available baseband with HD Radio and AM/FM
      baseband processing in a single chip, according to TI. When paired with
      the Atmel T4260, it can be programmed for a twin tuner implementation,
      which enables distortion-free reception through phase diversity, antenna
      diversity, dynamic antenna-direction adaptation, and continuous
      background reception, according to TI.

      "The DRI350 performs HD Radio and AM/FM radio processing, such that if
      you lose the digital sidebands, you have the analog center channel to
      fall back on," said John Gardner, TI digital radio product manager.


      The DRI350 offers higher integration than competing approaches based on
      co-processors, such as Philips CarDSP platform, Gardner said.

      "From our perspective, we have the analog component with our AFEDRI8201
      A/D converter, which does RF sampling, and that is coupled with the
      DRI350 for the analog and baseband components of an HD Radio solution,"
      Gardner said.

      In the past TI has paired its baseband processor with Philips' TEF6721
      for the RF function. Atmel's T4260 provides a lower-cost option, Gardner
      said. "It also provides better flexibility for designers that do not
      want to have a single source of RF components," he added. "Now Atmel is
      able to give them a different option."

      Vendors next need to develop systems on modules, in which all HD Radio
      components, along with certain peripherals from RF to audio out, would
      be on a single board, Gardner said. A single-board offering would free
      HD Radio developers from focusing on RF, the baseband, and the interface
      between the two.

      Atmel's RF T4260 tuner is available now and costs $2.38 (10,000). TI's
      DRI350 carries sample pricing beginning at $22.

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