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Re: Here We Go - My First Newbie Question

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  • kerrygeek1
    I used the method on Cash Olsen s web site using the hot air gun, solder paste and a coffee cup warmer. I got the heat gun locally on sale at Hobby Lobby for
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 1, 2007
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      I used the method on Cash Olsen's web site using the hot air gun,
      solder paste and a coffee cup warmer. I got the heat gun locally on
      sale at Hobby Lobby for $12 and the cup warmer at Walgreen's for
      $3.00. I ordered the solder paste from Cash on his web site, so far
      we've used it to build 2 boards and haven't even made a dent in it.

      I'm no spring chicken either (47 next month) but a pair of cheapo
      reading glasses (also from Walgreen's) and a gooseneck light clamped
      to the edge of the desk was all I needed. I borrowed a lid of a cake
      pan to keep the parts from rolling off the desk, it's now back in the
      kitchen and my wife didn't even miss it.

      Don't worry about the smt parts, I was sweating it but it was actually
      the easiest part of the project. I was wishing more of the board was
      SMT. The other parts took much longer than the SMT parts.


      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "w6ids" <w6ids@...> wrote:
      > First off, Happy New Year from our home to all of yours!
      > Secondly, I have a question regarding SMT assembly as a
      > hobbiest. My experience with SMT was quite some time
      > back and involved commercial environments to include
      > SMT component placement and ovens of the commercial
      > level. Inspection used "stereo scopes" to inspect filets,
      > flow, etc.
      > That said, just what are you folks doing to properly install
      > and solder the components to the board(s)? Do you bring
      > the kitchen oven or toaster oven up to around 375 Deg F
      > with a dial/digital thermometer inside or ??? Hmmm, I'm
      > wondering if I need to spend a couple of hundred dollars
      > for a suitable oven for the bench top?
      > How are you applying solder paste without considerable
      > waste? Do you perform a post-solder fluxing step?
      > How are the hobby assemblers inspecting their work?
      > Personally, my eyesight at 62 is just not good enough to
      > simply eyeball solder quality in SMT applications.
      > What happens if there is a component shift during the
      > soldering creating misalignment or perhaps there is a
      > solder bridge or two?
      > How much difficulty is experienced doing PCBs that have
      > components on both sides?
      > That's it for now. Many thanks in advance for helping with
      > my learning curve.
      > Regards,
      > Howard W6IDS
      > Richmond, IN
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